Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Resolution

I left the social media train this vacation!  That's right.  I willingly stopped checking facebook statuses to see what friends were up to.  I did not go on twitter to see what Brad Keselowski had updated.  I didn't even check my personal email more than a couple times yesterday to catch up.  In the name of honesty, I did go on once to wish someone a happy birthday yesterday, but that was all. 
I did this because it had been mentioned to me that when I get on the computer I am very hard to talk with and I seem to be on the computer a lot more lately.  I did this to spend more quality time with my family.  Quite honestly I also did this as a test to see if I am addicted to facebook.  Good News!  I am not.  I left my computer behind at our apartment for the entire vacation and there was not one time that I wondered what status updates I was missing.  In fact, at times I may have otherwise been on facebook, I was often curled on somebody's couch  (we traveled three different places this vacation) watching a "rip snorter" of a fire.  That is what mom called a good fire! 

I felt really connected to my family and the people I was with.  I should add that my cell phone stayed off most of the time.  My cell is not a computer, but I do tend to text full conversations with people and this can also take me from my family. 

I do not want to give up facebook completely.  There is too much benefit in bringing me closer to friends I otherwise would not be communicating with and my family that I don't get to see because of distance.  However, I now realize that social media can greatly send you into emotions just as the news can.  I am pretty sure that today a bunch of my social network friends are either lamenting that vacation went too fast and they have to go back to work today, or are strongly positive about starting back up again today.  I am sure tonight I will enjoy lots of great holiday pictures people have posted! 

But- the thing is- it was so great being with my family and laughing in person!  It was great to say hello and goodbye and have real hugs and happiness in between.  It was amazing to just be in the moment without a computer screen or texting screen in front of me.  

So- here it is- my resolution for 2012.  I will give the people in front of me live as much of me as possible.  I will be on the computer less and texting less when I am home with my peeps.  I will fully commit to each moment with my friends and family because I don't want to miss a thing this year! 
Happy 2012 to all my friends and family!  


  1. Beautiful Jen! That is one of my resolutions too! 2011 was too distracting and it felt GREAT to BE present with my family! Have a great new year and thanks for sharing your writing. I always take something away from what you write.

  2. Thank you, Nathalie, for saying that. It feels good to know that my writing is beneficial in that way. In fact, it feels amazing! I hope 2012 is wonderful for you in all ways! I also hope we get to see each other more!!!