Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Lately some things have bothered me more than I think is normal.  For example the other day while picking up my prescription at CVS, a woman in the car next to me was talking into her phone like it was a walkie- talkie.  The desire to scream "Its a phone.  Use it as one."  Felt strong and really dramatic and unnatural.  However, I am going to give myself that one because it had been a really bad day and I was itching to burst at someone who was not in any way connected to me.
However, I can't so easily explain my extreme anger at people who talk on the phone while being waited on in a store.  This happened just the other day at the 7-11.  It was a Sunday morning and I was happily out doing the chore my husband usually does while I take some extra snooze time.  I was at the 7-11 getting us the Sunday Globe and my daughter a cup of hot cocoa.  I was in a great mood because I had just thrown on a hat and I knew I could go home and we would all lounge around and have a mellow morning.  But when I got up to the counter I was behind a customer on the phone.  The anger started slowly and gained speed as the cashier waited for her to get her money out while she cradled the phone between chin and shoulder and chatted away. 
I know what you are thinking and you are wrong.  Remember, I was having a lazy Sunday so I didn't mind at all that her conversation might slow down the line.  No.  What bothered me is the fact that she was IGNORING a human being standing in front of her.  If there is one thing that both of my parents instilled in me it is the need for humans to be human to each other.  When you greet anyone you look them in the eye and you let them know they are important.  I can remember how proud my parents were the day my brother took some of the wholesale flowers he sold and gave them to his cashier at Burger King because she "seemed to be having a really bad day."  
God, sometimes we act like it is so hard to make positive changes in the world.  But from what I am seeing if each of us made a decision to actually greet each person we came in contact with on one day, the world would change for the better. 
Almost every morning I go to the Shell station for gas.  The manager and the cashier are awesome.  We share a laugh every day and yes, we talk about the weather sometimes too.  I cannot even describe how little I like the coffee and how much I like that interaction to start my day.  It helps that after about 3 days when I first started going there the cashier asked if I was a teacher and then informed me I had been his third grade teacher!  He is such a kind young man and working hard while he puts himself through college.  Every day I can look at him and see one positive difference I feel I have contributed to in the world. 
All around us are people working so hard to be better people, to make a difference in the world, to just be noticed.  Lets hang up our phones and really start communicating with the world.  Are you in?

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