Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Back with Passion!

Everyday I miss my writing.  Everyday I miss the feeling that comes with finishing a blog post and feeling such completion that all is right with my world.  I promised myself that for my 40th birthday I would give an hour to writing. That is about what I need for a good post, but it is amazing to me how hard it can be to find an hour of complete solitude a week.  As I write this I am watching the clock knowing that in seven minutes I have to begin to get ready for my other work.  I am passionate about my work as a teacher.  Truly, I am.  I think in the last few weeks I have been having a hard time remembering the passion and this week I have promised myself that I will reach down and bring it out again.  It is easy to get dragged down in the negative.  In the "Oh God why is Monday here so quickly?"  "Happy hump day we are almost finished."" Thank God its Friday!"  Most recently I learned that the following initials mean Eff my life:  FML.  But it is never the terminally ill friends or the friends who are losing or have lost a child or any family member using those initials.  Why would they?  They recognize how valuable and precious every minute of life is.  Yes, I have decided to pull out all of my passionate spirit again and fight any FML feeling I might get or have.  I am thankful for my life, for every minute even when the minute feels it is lasting an hour.  Today I grasp the T.G.I.T. spirit.  Thank God It's Today.   The sky is a beautiful orange on the bottom with soft pink clouds floating on top.  The world is promising great things.  I am ready.  Are you?

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