Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Favorite Mom Memory

There are memories of my mom that were too hard to roll around in my head when she first died, so I pushed them back as far as they could go without getting lost.  Recently, some of them roll back around to sit with me for awhile.  Right now my absolute favorite mom memory is a memory that has us in many different settings, but always doing the same activity-reading our books. 

We read similar books and often shared books back and forth.  In her old home I remember spreading out with legs fully stretched on her blue sofa while she sat in her red recliner.  We would sit like that for hours reading with not a word passed between us (often because one of us had started snoozing, not to name names, M-o-m)  and the warmth and love that sat in the room with us encompassed us completely.  I can sit in a room and read with anyone, but do you know there is actually a different feeling in the room with different people?  Maybe that is just me, but it is true for me. 

Here are some of the best settings I can remember us reading together:

* Ogunquit, Maine on the beach next to each other in beach chairs with blankets wrapped around us.
*Ogunquit, Maine on the deck at Norsemen
*Ogunquit, Maine on the deck at the Anchorage Inn
*Wells, Maine on the deck at the USA Inn
*Vermont-on her deck
*Vermont- in her living room
*Shrewsbury, MA- on our deck
*Shrewsbury, MA- in her part of the house
*Worcester, MA  -St Vincent's hospital

Recently, I had a dream in which she came to visit and we both knew she was dead but she sat and read with me for the whole dream.  It felt just as it always had and, of course, I believe she really visited. 
So- I leave you with this thought to roll around and discuss with your friends.  Yes, there is reading in heaven!

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