Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is it you?

I just spent my first part of the morning writing a blog post I am really proud of.  The problem?  as I reread it I wasn't really sure where it came from, but I have many friends right now going through some very real and difficult times and I worried they might see themselves in what I was saying and be very wrong, but think they are right. 

I was writing about people who love and create drama.  Although I have come across many of these people in my life I am currently not friends with anybody who is creating drama for themselves.  Yet, I have people who have reached out to me recently and I worried, "What if they think I THINK they are creating the drama and that I am writing this blog about them?" 

So, that will be a problem for me as I begin this blogging world.  How do I write about my experiences without my audience personalizing it?  Eventually I hope to have an audience who doesn't know me so closely, but for now it is what it is and I do not want my friends or family to think I am writing about them.  My husband is always intentionally left out because he likes privacy.  My daughter would shout her life story from the rooftops but someday she may look back and say, "Why did you shout my life story from the rooftops?"  so, although I do some writing about her, I try to keep  focused on my part in her story.  And now let me announce that current friends are left out because I want to keep my current friends!  

I may post that blog later on or I may keep it private- who knows?  But- since it is only seven and I am just about to make the second cup of coffee, perhaps I will try to give you something else for today.  Just know this- if you are reading this- I am not talking about you!  Except when I am, of course. ;)

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