Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Dammit!  I can't say I am writing this blog. Yes, its being written, I am just not completely positive the thoughts are my own.  First, I had every intention of going back to bed this morning. That is right, I was going to screw my six followers and leave them wanting.  But- for some reason as I walked by the computer in my hazy state I thought, "Well, I will just pick it up and do some facebooking"  (Its a verb if I say its a verb.)  
Next, while on facebook I came across my cousin Cyndi's status update.  Cyndi is a nurse and she stated that she was talking with a patient and patient's spouse when the doctor came in.  Cyndi could tell the news was bad and she reminded us in her update to honor each moment.  She said it better than that but I am too lazy to open a new window and go back to reread, but you followers are smart and you get the jist.  Cyndi also has a strong connection with my mom by the way.   So, then I put my slot coins in my account at slotomania as I still considered heading back to the coziness of my probably still warm bed.  But- this is the thought that hit me, "If Tomorrow Never Comes."  So, there it is.  I was given the title for today's read, but I have no idea what I am about to write on the topic.  Lets see shall we?
If tomorrow doesn't come-
* have you told the people you love how much you love them and why?
*did you get your daily hugs in today?
*did you throw away any regrets and realize right here is where you are supposed to be?
*if you disagree strongly that right here is where you are supposed to be did you do the thing that will help you change where right here is?
*did you make a memory with the people around you who love you?
*did you take pride in your work today?
*did you sit with someone special and think about what makes them so special?  Did you turn to them and tell them what you were thinking?
*did you go at a pace that felt comfortable for you?
*did you smile at a stranger because it is the kind thing to do?
*did you take a picture of the people and memories you love, not with a phone/camera, but with your memory?  (my mom taught us how by the way, just look at the memory, say click, and you have it!)
*did you let the people around you know that if your tomorrow doesn't come they ARE strong enough to move on without you and they WILL handle it and you WILL be with them but just in a different way?
*did you laugh?
*did you cry?
*did you thank God or a Higher Power or maybe just the Universe?

If your tomorrow never comes what is the one thing that you will regret you didn't do?  Now you know what today's plan is.  Go out and honor the moments.

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