Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ick this is not a very fun post to write for various reasons.  The first is that my laptop is in the "shop" so to speak.  It is a work laptop and it is being updated.  Consequently, I am writing this from a desk and I feel chained to this chair in this room that is not very inspiring to say the least. 

Also, this is not a typical post from me.  I did not write yesterday and I had promised writing every weekday.  I thought I would take a moment to explain what is happening. 

The good news is that I've found my first book!  It only took me 2 months of writing every single day and some craziness along the way as I thought about it, but I have got it.  The bad news is that much of the writing that went on this blog helped me get there and I have spoken with an editor who says, "No more stuff you want to use in your book going on your blog."

Remember the post where I wrote about how when things feel unsettled I listen closely to see what is coming next.  My life is a writer is what is coming next.  The blog is the first part and I DO PLAN to maintain it.  But, I need to spend some of my writing time now, writing different types of pieces and pieces I cannot put on the blog because then I will have a harder time pitching them as they are already out there floating around.  It certainly sounds like solid advice to me. 

The problem is that writing for myself quietly is nowhere near as exciting for me as writing for an immediate audience.  So, I am going to try to write my typical blogposts three times a week, but unfortunately some of the topics that have peaked your interest will now have to be off the table.  AH THAT SUCKS!  I promise though that when the book is mostly finished...if nobody will buy it to publish it....I will post it all on this blog!!!! You wont even have to pay.  :) 

I really hope you all will stick with me on this blog.  It is definitely a priority for me, but I need to take some of that writing time and do research as well.  Plus in one more month the other job starts and I am just not sure when the hell the writing will take place then...I just know it has to. 

So, with all that being said.  I promise another "typical Jen Flemming" post tomorrow!

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